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Seeds of Death FREE

The global launch of a second Green Revolution, spearheaded by genetic engineering and corrupt corporations such as Monsanto and DuPont, shows every sign of being as catastrophic as the first revolution. As the big agro-chemical complex morphs into one of the world's most powerful lobbies, educating people about the dangers of genetically modified crops, or GMOs, and the growing threats of toxic intensive agriculture can hinder GMO's domination of our food supply. Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMOs,

Do The Math: FREE VIEW

Do The Math is a sort of grassroots sequel to An Inconvenient Truth. In the first film, Gore makes the case that climate change is a future threat that we should be increasingly worried about. In the second, Bill McKibben shows the terrifying math of the existing climate crisis and fight the fossil fuel industry. The math goes like this: our leading scientists say that in order to limit global warming to below 2°C, a target that even the United States has agreed to meet, we can only emit another 565 gigatons of carbon dioxide. The terrifying part is that the fossil fuel industry has roughly 2795 gigatons of CO2 in their coal, oil and gas reserves,

Money & Life - FREE

MONEY and LIFE is a passionate and inspirational essay-style documentary that makes a provocative proposition: can we see the economic crisis not as a disaster, but as a tremendous opportunity? This cinematic odyssey takes us on a journey, from the original purpose of money to connecting the systemic dots on the current global financial crisis and how we got here. Most importantly, MONEY and LIFE says that we owe it to ourselves to understand the fundamentals of this technology called money and tells the story of an emerging new economy, born from the technological and social innovations of the 21st Century. MONEY and LIFE paints a broad portrait, revealing the reality that our highly interconnected and vastly changing world is initiating an economic shift as profound as the Industrial Revolution.

The Cure Is... FREE VIEW

A transformational film about how every human body is brilliantly designed for vitality and longevity. Why then is our health and life expectancy declining? Have we lost our connection to our natural way of living? Is it possible there is a powerful and effective means to address our health and disease, which can assist in tapping into our natural healing capacity of our profoundly powerful human body?

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  • The Pachamama Alliance

    The Pachamama Alliance The Pachamama Alliance is based on the recognition that those of us in the modern world share a deep connection with the people who call the rainforest their home-each of us having a critical stake in the health and well…